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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alright, folks. Remember way back when I posted an entry about the Heartland Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit organization starting out here in Wisconsin? Well, a really super duper awesome extraordinary story was just written up about them, and I’d love for everyone to check it out. This organization, founded by Dana Barre, is something that is totally needed in the Midwest right now, and the more money she can continue to raise, the faster we can help rescue more farm animals! Even if it’s $5…every little bit can help this amazing organization. Also, if you’re local to Madison, there is a fundraiser event in November that you should definitely look into attending! I volunteer with the animals on a weekly basis, and it is such a great experience. After the stress of the workweek and everyday life in general, it’s nice to escape to this little farm where the animals are being housed until the Sanctuary can raise enough funds for their own land and interact with these incredible animals. Honestly, look at these photos, and you’ll see what I mean! So, check out the story by clicking here, it would be great if you could donate to the Sanctuary by going to their website here, or contact the Heartland Farm Sanctuary if you’re interested in helping out in any way!


Full Story Here

Video Footage taken at the Interview/Story Here

Heartland Farm Sanctuary Website Here (Donate!)

“Like” the Heartland Farm Sanctuary on Facebook!

And, I can't have a post about cute and adorable farm animals without some cute and adorable photos of them!

Diana knows that she's my little princess!

All Animals should be able to live a life this good!

Ready to play!

The two pigs that were rescued after being found wandering around Milwaukee! Photo is not mine...was borrowed from the Heartland Farm Sanctuary Facebook page.

HFS Founder Dana Barre getting some love from the goats and sheep! Photo borrowed from Madison.com story.


Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

Aww. Those pigs are so adorable! I think it's wonderful that you volunteer for this organization! You should blog about that more often, as I'd be interested to read more about what you do with them every week.


Danielle said...

Thanks! I think I've only blogged once or twice about them before, but it's a super great organization! Will definitely try and post more about them!

The Blue Faerie said...

You know what, I had beef on my Japanese Pan noodles today, and I kinda thought better of it later. I heard somewhere that most animals raised for meat are bound for the restaurant business (if you know any numbers I'd be interested to know). It's good to see some of the little guys enjoying a life of peace and happiness. :)

Heartland Farm Sanctuary said...

Hey Danielle - you are the best volunteer ever! Great post! NBC15 is going to interview me on Sunday afternoon at the farm. So, hopefully we'll get shown here and there on the news next week :)

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