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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello all. As I'm sure you've noticed, my postings have decreased quite significantly lately. The truth of the matter is I have a lot of personal stuff that I'm trying to get through right now, and I need to step back from everything and take a little time. I promise to have lots of delicious recipes and such for you when I'm back.

Happy Holidays.

Vegan Shoes, All Proceeds to Charity!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Adorable vegan shoes, and 100% of the proceeds go to Charity!

I know I post about ShoeDazzle a lot, but this company is definitely one of my favorite vegan companies! As a self-proclaimed shoe hoarder, this site is both good and bad for me, as each month they get more of my money (bad), but I end up with super comfortable, sexy shoes that my entire office asks about...yes, they are really that cute (good)! I have not yet been disappointed with a single pair of shoes from them. They are all so comfortable, and 100% vegan. Now, occasionally, they will carry a shoe that they did not make, but they will specify that it is not the ShoeDazzle brand, and will tell you exactly what they are made of. So far, I have only seen one shoe from another vendor on their site that was not 100% vegan. But, if you are ever unsure, you can always call their CS support, and they will definitely help you out. Once, they had a Michael Antonio shoe on their site for sale, and I called to see if it was, like their own brand, 100% vegan. The person I spoke with couldn't tell me, but took my phone number. Within 5 minutes, I got a call back letting me know that the glue of the shoe was not vegan. But hey, at least they were honest, and looked into it, instead of giving me a quick, fake answer! She also said she would notify the buyers to make sure that those things didn't occur again. So they really do try to be as animal-friendly as possible!

"Little Diva" Celebrity Charity Shoe, by Kristin Chenowith

Now, this morning, they just released one of their Charity shoes. Their charity shoes don't make them a buck. 100% of the proceeds go to different charities. The shoe that was released this morning was designed by one of my favorite celebs, Kristin Chenowith! Because she designed it, she has directed all proceeds to go to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, which is a charity she does a lot of work with. Once again, sexy vegan shoes, a charitable cause, and a great price...what could be better than that?!

The price for the shoes is normally $39.95, which includes shipping and free exchanges/returns. If you use my invite link to sign up ( you will get 20% off this already super great price. And all is going to a good charity. I love that they came out with this shoe during the holiday season, because not only can you get a great pair of shoes, but it's also a great time to give as well. Or, you could give two gifts in one...give the shoes as a gift, while simultaneously giving to charity! It's a win-win!

Okay, I know that I talk about ShoeDazzle a lot, but seriously, how can you not?! When I find a company that is animal-friendly, has very respectable regulations for their factories, and treats their employees well, it's hard to not support them as much as possible. So get your ShoeDazzle on, and shop, shop, shop!

Chenowith did good! I think these shoes would look great on ANYBODY!!

Heartland Farm Sanctuary Work Day...Volunteers in Madison Needed!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some of our current animal residents with founder Dana Barre.

I have mentioned the Heartland Farm Sanctuary in a few posts on here, but I have some really great news to share with every one…a VERY generous family in the community has donated a home for our sheltered farm animals!!! A lovely family in the Madison area has donated their barn and over 25 acres of fenced pasture to the Heartland Farm Sanctuary, which means all of our animals can now be at one place, together! This is absolutely fantastic news, and I’m so excited to share this!

Now, the goal of HFS is to have the animals all moved to this new location as soon as possible, but a lot needs to be done to the barn/land to make it “animal-ready”. So, they are having a work day for anybody interested in donating some time to help prepare the land! The work day is scheduled for this Saturday, December 11, from 8:00 am until whenever. According to the email, it would be great if anybody who wants to help could bring the following items (if you already have them):

*Very warm outdoor clothes and boots (hello! It’s December in Wisconsin!)
*Hammer, electric screwdriver, heavy-duty nails and screws
*Work gloves
*Cardboard boxes
*pitchfork, shovel, pickaxes
*Wheelbarrow, heavy-duty outdoor brooms

If you would like to help, you can rsvp at . Also, if you are unable to help, but know someone who might be interested, please pass this information along! This is super exciting, because now the sanctuary finally has room to help even more animals in need of rescuing, which is so desperately needed in the Midwest! From what I hear, the barn is just a little bit outside of Madison, in Verona, I think, so if you can come out, that would be super-duper awesome. The more help HFS has, the sooner we can get all the animals moved out and comfortable, and the sooner we can start helping more critters that need it. So please, think about stopping by and lending a helping hand if you can! This California girl has honestly never used a lot of the “tools” that are needed (pickax?? I don’t even know what that is!), but I’m still going to offer any help I can. You don’t have to be a farm-pro, but just willing to put in some time to help the animals and a great cause. I’d love to see you guys out there, and maybe even meet some of my local followers!

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