About The Blogger

My name is Danielle, and I wanna thank each and every person for stopping by my little corner of the interweb! I started this blog for myself, to keep track of recipes that I created or tried, so I had a place to keep the "winners" and look back on. After a few people stumbled upon it, I decided to start pushing it out to the world a little more. I'm very proud of my decision to remove all animal products from my life and live off of a plant-based diet. Many people hear that, and think that basically means that I eat carrots and lettuce, but I want to prove through these insanely delicious recipes that vegan food can be just as exciting, delicious, and adventurous as any other food! I also like to focus on other things in the blog, such as companies that cater to vegan ideals, or people in the media living a plant-based life. We're everywhere, and we're not all hairy-legged, patchouli smelling, tree huggers (although there's nothing wrong with that, either!)!! So welcome, and thanks for stopping by!!

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