Dane County Farmer's Market

Monday, May 3, 2010


What a weekend! It started off with Tornado Watches (something that we definitely didn’t have in Los Angeles!) and ended with beautiful sunshine! Not to mention, I got to head down to the Dane County Farmer’s Market, which is one of the largest ones in the country, apparently! This market was absolutely incredible!! What excites me is the fact that I know each week that we go, there will be so many different things to choose from, as more and more plants become in season!

My first stop was at a little stand that caught my eye with its “Vegan Pastries” sign. It was a small local bakery and so many things looked so delicious. I left with a Strawberry/Rhubarb safflower and sunflower seed pastry for a dollar, which was almost sinful! I didn’t get too much this time, as I had just gone on a trip to the grocery store and had some produce (plus there really isn’t too much produce this time of year…lots of plants and herbs and such, but not a lot of fruits and veggies ready to be sold), but did leave with some awesome pickled vegetables, some hot pepper vinaigrette fresh from the farm, and more tomatoes than I know what to do with!

I couldn’t help myself; they were the size of grapefruits and smelled so good! We got four pounds of these delicious tomatoes, and with my pastry and my man’s scone and all our other purchases, we didn’t even spend $10! And people say that eating healthy is expensive?!?! I beg to differ!
Beautiful Capital Building the Market Surrounds
Afterwards, we ventured over to the restaurant that is reviewed in my previous post, The Green Owl Café, and had an amazing lunch. I got the BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich (which honestly tasted just like pulled pork!) with the Kale Chips, and Julian got the “Crab Cake” Po’boy Sandwich with Kale Chips, which is his favorite meal on the menu. We ended up halving our sandwiches so we could each have half of the others, and both were so delicious. The meal was topped off with vegan, gluten-free Coconut Cream Pie for Julian and vegan Marshmallow Mud Pie for me. What a perfect meal!

I made some super yummy meals with our Farmer’s Market picks, so stay tuned throughout the week for the recipes!


Carla said...

Awesome! I plan to visit a farmer's market once I get back to the states! It sounds amazing.

Melissa said...

Nice! Can't wait until the farmer's market by my house starts up again. It's fun talking to the farmers, too!

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