Recipe Recommendation: Masoor Daal

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photo from the amazing blog of Spicy Habibty.

I love lentils. They’re little protein-packed bursts of goodness that can really be built into any meal. Unfortunately, I have a man in the house that is not a lentil fan.

Well, when he went out of town a while back, I made this amazing lentil dish for myself from a dear friend’s blog, Spicy Habibty. It’s a Pakistani dish called Masoor Daal, which is a Red Lentil Soup that I make really thick and pour over a bed of rice…not exactly a breakfast dish, but as I write about this at nine in the morning I instantly crave it! Now each and every bite of this dish is an incredible flavorful experience that your palate will thank you for, I promise! I enjoyed it so much that I just KNEW I could make this for Julian, whether he’d like it or not! So, the other night, he seemed distracted enough with the television for me to begin cooking this dish like a stealthy little ninja. Little did he know that those amazing smells coming from the kitchen would be his new favorite dish…a lentil dish, at that!

Not only is this dish amazing, but seriously, it’s one of the cheapest, yet most filling meals you could possibly make! I don’t know what prices are everywhere, but where I’m at in Madison, a 25-pound bag will run you $20…that’s it! And believe me, 25 pounds can last you a LOOONNNNGGG time! All of the spices are super cheap, and ones that I’m sure most people have in their pantry’s already, so if you have a family to feed on a budget, than this is the perfect meal. My math skills, dividing the price of the lentils with how much I used, with the rice and spices comes to about three pennies per person for this meal, so it’s definitely budget friendly. So anyway, I’d like to direct you to the amazing and incredible blog of Spicy Habibty to check out this amazing dish!!

I keep these lentils stored in jars after I open the large bag to keep them fresh.


Carla said...

This looks amazing! I have to try this ASAP!!!

Danielle said...

Carla, it is amazing! I promise, you'll love it!

melissa said...

wow. so easy but looks so delicious! thanks for sharing!

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