Vegan Doughnuts...Oh...My...God!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doughnuts. Quite possibly one of the worst/greatest things to ever happen to America. On one hand, they’re deep-fried sugar that thicken waistlines and clog arteries with every sweet bite. On the other hand, they’re just so damn good! Now, up until this weekend, the last time I had a doughnut was almost two years ago, so I am pretty sure that having a couple this weekend was okay. And my goodness were they ever tasty!!

My amazing cousin Candi sent me a package of delicious VEGAN doughnuts from halfway across the country for my birthday! They were from this amazing place in Portland, Oregon called Voodoo Doughnuts, and I highly suggest stopping in if you are ever in the PDX area! Vegan or not, they have quite the array of doughnuts on their menu, and the overall vibe seems pretty badass! And unlike the few places I have seen that offer vegan doughnuts that usually have only one type, and aren’t very good, this place definitely delivers! My package had nine vacuum-sealed doughnuts in it (excellent shipping work, Candi!), and picking which one to eat first was HARD! I ended up going with a cinnamon-sugar doughnut, which was soft, moist, and super sweet! After that, I ate half of a coconut one, and had to stop myself right then and there, otherwise I knew I’d eat all of them! The next day, I allowed myself a chocolate one covered in crushed peanuts…and I absolutely could not believe that the frosting and everything is vegan!!

I can't believe it's vegan!!!

I have since placed the rest of the sinful little buggers in the freezer, and they will be my “milestone” treats on my trek to lose weight…cuz we all need rewards every once an d a while! I will not eat another one until I’m down 15 more pounds, but the way that my new Wii Game is kicking my ass, that might be sooner rather than later!

But seriously folks, you gotta stop by this freaking rad doughnut shop in Portland…the amount of vegan goodies they have is enough to make any veg-head fall to their knees in sweet heaven!!


jessica.bray said...

Whole Foods has vegan donuts. I don't eat them very often, even though I almost always want one when I go in. They're amazing!!!

Danielle said...

Our local Whole Foods doesn't have the vegan donuts, unfortunately. When I lived in LA, ours did, but not here in Madison. But, I shouldn't be eating them every day anyway!!

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