A Vegan Hair Salon - Can it Be?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you ever taken a trip to Target for toilet paper and ended up spending ten times as much as you should have? Then, when you get home and unpack your bags, discovering all the things your hands somehow snuck into your shopping cart you stumble upon that box of hair dye you bought? Excited, you rush to the bathroom and start mixing all those little bottles until the colors blend together and you pour this “stuff” all over your head without thinking twice about it. Your scalp starts to burn, your nose bleeds from the fumes, and you have to turn on every fan in your apartment because the stench of toxic chemicals is so overbearing that your cat has begun walking like someone who’s drunk in public? I know you know what I’m talking about. But seriously, does anybody REALLY know what their “natural” haircolor is anymore? I doubt it. We live in an age where looks and beauty and pampering yourself is in the forefront, and yes, even us vegans need to feel pretty! So what do we do? We KNOW that nearly all haircolors bought at Target or at your high-end salon are tested on animals, filled to the brim with harmful chemicals, and just plain aren’t GOOD for you. But you want to look and FEEL a certain way.

My hair color and/or cut changes with the moon phases. Seriously. It’s not a thing of vanity, but of self-expression for me. Being sick, there are many things about myself that I cannot change, but I still have control over my hair, so I express myself through it. And thank Mother Nature that I finally found a salon in Madison that caters to my need to express as well as my desire to be as eco-conscious as possible!

KODE Salon. Founded and owned by three of the most talented hair designers in the Midwest, and as someone who has lived coast to coast, I’d say in the country! You walk into the salon and just *know* that your experience here is going to be different from any other salon you’ve been to. From the hairstylist stations that were built from recycled barn floors, to the amazing nook the salon is nestled in in one of the coolest, most eco-friendly neighborhoods in Madison, to being tossed a beer as you walk in to wait for your appointment, this place has it going on!
KODE strives to source their resources as locally as possible, keeping money in the community.

The products that they use are not only vegan, but gluten-free, too! Now, out of sheer curiosity, I HAD to do some of my own research on this, because, well…I’m not good at taking things at face value. So I researched the brands and products they use and was so happy to see that, as far as a salon goes, this one is about as cruelty-free as it gets, folks! From Davines Haircolors, which even come in eco-friendly packaging on top of their cruelty-free stance and ingredients, to Surface styling products, which are all vegan and gluten-free and amazing in general!

But what about your HAIR? Does it look good when you leave? Let me just say, I’ve been to some of the most expensive and well-known hair stylists in the country and I have never left a salon more happy than when I left Kelly Z.’s amazing hands for the first time. The stylists spend massive amounts of time formulating a look that is not only 100% “you”, but one that is simple to maintain, grows out nicely, and a look that you will be more than happy about. I’ve only seen Kelly Z. when I go, as she’s my go-to-gal there, but I’ve seen the work the other stylists do and it’s also nothing short of awesomeness.

So, if you live in Madison and have been desperately searching for a place to get cut up, dyed out, or waxed off, then hit up KODE Salon. And afterwards, hop across the street to the best vegan restaurant in town, the Green Owl CafĂ©. Yes, it’s right across the street! I told you it’s located in the best neighborhood in town! So what are you waiting for?! Check them out and “fan” them on Facebook!

*All photos from the KODE Salon Facebook Page*


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am so excited about this! I live in Madison and have yet to find the perfect hair salon for me. I've gotten so frustrated I tend to just bounce into a supercut for a trim. I'm definitely going to give Kode Salon a try. Thanks!

Danielle said...

Ask for Kelly Z. and you'll never need to find another hair stylist again! Tell her Danielle from Los Angeles sent you!

Jaime said...

I'm so jealous! I've been thinking about hair dye a lot lately, mostly because I'm only 31 and I have A LOT of greys already:( Especially being pregnant, I don't want to be using all those harsh chemicals:( But even when I'm not pregnant I don't want to be poisoning myself! You are so lucky to have a place like this near you!!:)

Danielle said...

I have literally been traveling all over the midwest looking for someone who really "gets" my hair, and then to finally find someone in my very own backyard who not only gets it, but who uses vegan products was a dream come true!

Julie said...

I just spent half an hour going through the yellow pages looking for a salon someone recommended to me. When I found it, they were booked for today. It was karma. When I googled 'vegan hair salon' and found this site, and remembered reading about KODE in the Willy Street Reader, I realized why it has taken me so long to make an appointment. I was waiting to read your blog. Thank you. I am also a vegan in the dairyland.

Julie said...

There. The appointment at KOBE is made. I have to wait two weeks, but it will be worth it if the haircut meets expectations, and even if it doesn't, I will feel good about supporting my vegan values. Thanks again!

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