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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I’m writing this as I anxiously await notification that my latest delivery has arrived. Having moved from Los Angeles to Madison, I had prepared myself to have a hard time finding good vegan food, restaurants, groceries, etc., but have been pleasantly surprised since being here at the abundance of it in this area. The one thing I do miss though, is (insert witty L.A. stereotype here) shopping!! Shopping has always been something that I love to do, and well, no offense Madison, but you’re not really known for your fashion! After moving here, I went 5 months before purchasing a new pair of shoes, which I am pretty sure is some kind of record for me, because, even after scouring nearly every shoe store in Madison, I found NOTHING that was currently cute or trendy! Call me superficial all you want, but this girl loves her shoes!!

Well, my mother turned me on to this amazing website. It’s basically like a “shoe of the month” club! It’s $39 a month (but you only pay this on the months that you want something…if you don’t get anything for 6 months, you don’t pay the money for those months…you’re not locked into anything!). Each month, you have a selection of ten or so pairs of shoes that are straight off the current runways in your “showroom”. You also have a selection of purses and jewelry. Now, when my mom told me about the site, my first response was “are the shoes vegan?” She said she was unsure, but because of the low price, was pretty sure they didn’t use any real leather or anything. But, before I started a membership, I emailed the company. I had an email response within an HOUR! Talk about customer satisfaction! Their response was “all of the shoes constructed with man-made materials and therefore vegan.” Yay! So, I signed up, took their “fashion quiz” (this gives them an idea of the styles of clothing you like, so they know what kinds of shoes you’d like to see each month) and the next day, had tons of amazing shoes and bags to pick from! Now remember, every single thing is only $39…and this includes shipping! Plus, if you get something and it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it anymore, you get free shipping back to them! They will either send you a different size (if that’s what you want) or give you a credit which you can use on anything else, whenever you want!

Now, let me just say, the shoes are not only cute and vegan (which, cute vegan shoes are hard to find anywhere!), but they are super comfortable, too! Every time I wear a pair, I get stopped all through the halls at work and on the street, people complimenting me on my shoes. So, if you like shoes as much as I do, I seriously suggest you check this site out. And, if you want to sign up, let me know before you do! If I “refer” you, you get 20% off your first order!! But, the only way to sign up via a referral is if you sign up via a link I have to email you. So, you can send me an email at with the email address you will use to sign up, and I’ll send you a ShoeDazzle referral for your 20%!
So, take a look, and enjoy!!

The following photos are some screenshots of shoe selections, as well as personal shoes from them!


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