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Friday, August 13, 2010

Art by Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins...also who my favorite *vegan* rum is by!!

Hey all! Sorry it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated, but this week has been busy, a bit stressful, and really hasn’t left me too much time to update this! For the past month, my new medication has really put me on a wacked-out schedule, and I honestly feel like I’m getting worse, and not better. I have felt super stressed out, and although it’s not the best thing for me, sometimes a cocktail or five at the end of a week like this is just what the Doctor ordered!

One of the things that vegans may not realize, however, is that a lot of alcohol is NOT vegan-friendly! Did you know that sometimes FISH BLADDERS are used to filter alcohol when being processed?!?! Talk about a major yuck-factor! Not to mention how many different beers and liquors are made with dairy products, or honey (I know some vegans aren’t opposed to honey, but some are). In fact, there can be a lot of animal products found in that tasty little stress-reliever-in-a-high-ball that you will never know about, because they are not required to put those things on the labels of alcohol. Which leads me to one of my ultimate-favorite websites:

This website has nearly every brand/type/bottle of booze you can think of on it, and it lets you know whether or not it’s vegan, vegetarian, or neither. The sources on the website have come direct from the distilleries themselves, and have been fact-checked, so they are very accurate. And seriously, if you cannot find a certain type of alcohol on this site, you can either send them a request to investigate, or what you’re drinking is probably some type of moonshine! It has EVERYTHING!! You can check this site before heading to your favorite watering hole or liquor store, so you know that everything you plan on indulging in is in fact, cruelty-free! So Happy Friday the 13th!! Have a great weekend! Live it up! And of course, be responsible out there!!


Vannah said...

I absolutely did not know that about alcohol! Yuck, especially about the fish bladders, ewww! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely keep that info in mind from now on. Good to know :)

Anonymous said...

I've been working towards being a vegan drinker and found this great organic/vegan wine Culpeo it's Chilean. The site has been a huge help and some of the local liquor stores here in my neck of Mass are starting to have vegan wine sections. If you talk to the manager they're usually willing to please and will start stalking specific types if there is a request. My friend also made organic/vegan coffee liqueur for my bach. party. One step at a time!

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