Ninja Turtle Super Juice!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a new obsession…


I’ve always been a smoothie-kind of girl, but I had been seeing on a couple of other blogs, bloggers talking about all these yummy juices they make with all kinds of stuff I had never thought about putting in liquid form! I must confess, as much as I hate admitting to it, that I tend to “overstock” my vegetables, and it does happen more often than not, that we buy more than two people can realistically get through before it goes bad. I hate composting things that are not “used” so it was getting quite frustrating, but I always felt that if we bought less, than we wouldn’t have enough! Well, we went out and bought this lovely Waring Juicer on sale at Target a couple weekends ago, and the poor thing hasn’t gotten much rest since then! And, we haven’t had any produce go to waste, either! When something looks like it’s getting “close” to not being edible, in the juicer it goes! I’m having so much fun with it, I’m getting way more veggies in my diet, and so far, I haven’t made anything that hasn’t tasted good!

My beautiful new toy!

Another thing that I like about juicing is that you get this really great fiber/pulp leftover stuff in the juicer. It’s super great to pop in the compost…and I’m super excited to use my compost for a nice balcony garden next year…by then I should have lots of good stuff to use!

So, for one of my favorite recipes that I have come up with in the juicer. It’s really quite simple, and super tasty. Also, it’s GREEN!! You can’t go wrong with Ninja Turtle-green juice! Okay, so the Ninja Turtles were soaked in green “ooze”, but it made them big and strong and I think that this juice can do the same!

2 Handfuls of Spinach
1 Handful of Purple Kale (I’m sure green would be fine, too, but I buy the purple because it’s pretty!)
2 Green apples
1 Carrot (you get more juice out of the carrot if it’s at room temperature, fyi)
4 Pineapple cubes
Pop it all in the juicer and enjoy!!


The Blue Faerie said...

Lol, I think I would spend more time just chucking stuff in there than thinking about what it came out tasting like. :) Still, it looks fun, and tasty!

Vannah said...

Awesome!! So glad that you are loving juicing! I'm now eager to try the Ninja Turtle Super Juice...and I have Ninja Turtle glasses...heck yes!

Danielle said...

@Blue Faerie, yeah, I seldom really think about what is going into it...and have had some things come out looking the color of...well...I won't get into what they LOOKED like...hahaha. But, they have all tasted yummy! Just...some things don't exactly look good when juiced together!

@Vannah, I want Ninja Turtle glasses!!!

Melissa said...

I was enjoying reading your blog while drinking my morning green juice - haha! I've NEVER seen purple kale before. I'm going to be on the hunt for that now!

Danielle said...

Really?! I've been told that in a few different forums...I thought it was just as "normal" as regular kale! No matter where I've lived, it's always been chillin' with the regular kale in the produce section. I really can't tell any difference in taste...but I'm a chick who loves purple, so of course, I go for the purple kale! It's pretty though, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

I have that same juicer and LOVE it! Do you add any supplements to your juices? Thanks for the great idea!

Danielle said...

I don't add any supplements, just because I've always been a little wary of them. So glad you love the juicer, too!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, thanks for the quick comment! I'm also a little weary of supplements, but I've been wanting to make my daily juice a breakfast; however, I find myself hungry just after a couple hours and can't last until lunchtime. I tried adding a supplement (mixing it with water and adding to the juice) this morning and it was absolutely HORRID! I'll have to bring a snack to work to tide me over before lunch, I think. PS: my name is Rebecca, but I could only get it to post if I went by anonymous! ;-)

Danielle said...

Yeah, I'm a big taste person, and if I can 'taste' suppliments or anything like that, it is not going anywhere near my mouth! As far as getting hungry, I am on a medication that I have to take first thing in the morning with a full glass of water. After I take it, I'm not allowed to eat for at least 90 minutes. So, right before I leave for work, I make my juice, and by the time I get to work, it's been about 90 minutes since I've been awake, and I drink it then. By this time, it's about 8 and I drink it slowly, usually taking me about an hour (my "serving" is also 16 oz, so it's like 2 servings). I guess that's probably why it keeps me full until lunch!

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