My 3-Day Kaeng Raeng Raw Vegan Cleanse!

Friday, June 17, 2011

If you're a reader of Alicia Silverstone's website, The Kind Life, then I'm sure you've seen her rave about the Kaeng Raeng system numerous times. Well, I am happy to say that, I was the winner of the last giveaway on her site, so I got to try the 3-Day Cleanse for free! Now, I'd been wanting to try this for a long time, but I'm wary of cleanses, mainly because so many of them are terribly unhealthy and very hard on your body. Upon receiving my system in the mail, I read all of the nutritional info, and was SHOCKED at how absolutely full of vitamins and nutrients this program be honest, it was probably more nutritionally "full" than my daily diet is!

The packets were clearly labelled and you drank 3 a day, and could incorporate raw fruits and veggies into it as well. You could also mix the packets with non-dairy milks or juices for different tastes and such, which made this not feel like a "fast" or any other "cleanse" I'd ever been on. So, I stocked up on fruits and veggies, got my juicer ready to make some pure orange and apple juices to blend my mixes with.

Day 1:
I started my morning in a bit of a rush, so I wasn't able to juice. I mixed my first packet, which was the blueberry one, with ice and water and a banana and tossed it in the blender quick. Maybe it's my slight aversion to blueberries, but I was not a fan...HOWEVER, it did keep me extremely fact, by the time lunchtime rolled around, I still had about a quarter of it left and I was STUFFED!

Lunchtime, I had the Mango Peach Pineapple pack, once again just mixed with ice and water. Now this one, I could get into! As full as I was from breakfast, I wanted the full effect of this so I really guzzled my 32 ounces down. I loved the fact that there were chunks of real fruit floating in my made it feel much more wholesome!

Dinner: For dinner, I had the raspberry and strawberry pack, and I blended it with some fresh strawberries, ice and water for a delicious, almost dessert-like, dinner. I went to bed completely full and not feeling like I was lacking a thing, and I didn't even have to supplement with additional foods, aside from the banana and strawberries!

Day 2:
I got through the blueberry smoothie much easier this morning after blending it with fresh orange juice. It is still my least favorite, which is why I continued to drink it in the morning, so I could "get it over with" essentially! I blended my lunch drink with orange juice as well for something a little different as well.

This day, I did get the munchies between lunch and dinner...probably more out of the need to "chew" on something, so I snacked on an apple and some carrots in between.

Dinner, I threw a banana into the mix and it was super delicious as well.

Day 3:
Day 3 was the hardest, as it was the day before my birthday, and I started dreaming of birthday cake...hahaha. But, I successfully made it through, with a banana, apple and carrot snack in between each "meal" and all blended with homemade OJ.

I woke up on day four feeling so much...cleaner, clear-headed, and rested...and the 4.6 pounds lost wasn't bad either! The great thing about it was the weight lost wasn't just "water weight" but it was all the toxic junk that was stored up in my body, because once I started eating again I didn't gain it back like you do with water weight. It stayed off and really did help me jump-start my weight loss!

Overall, I give the Kaeng Raeng 3-Day cleanse an A-, and the minus is only for the fact that I'm picky and didn't really care for the blueberry drink mix! I HIGHLY suggest this cleanse to anybody out there looking for something to detox their system jump over to their website *here* and give it a shot!


GSMom said...

Thanks for your article!
My recommendation is for you to also try Gudernoobs made by WooHoo Foods! Raw/vegan and only 30 calories each!

melissa said...

i just ordered the 6 day cleanse to try before my trip to california in 2 weeks. do you think you lost any weight? was it strange going back to eating "real" food?

Danielle said...

Melissa, I lost 4.6 pounds and it wasn't strange going back to "real" food at all!

Lisa said...

I just ordered the cleanse...very excited! Going to do the 3-day beginner for now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to order this! Did you have any negative side effects? I know thus doesnt contain any laxatives like other detoxes...but that is my only fear of detoxes! I know it's strange haha...thanks for your help!

Danielle said...

I had absolutely no negative side effects, which I usually do with detoxes and cleanses. Definitely give this one a shot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help..I'll definitely order this soon :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info!
see you! :)

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Looks Fun! i thought she was into the Ejuva stuff which is super pricey, I'll have to check this stuff out. I am a forever wanna be cleanser.

emmyaward said...

I also won a 3 day cleanse on the kind life website. I am currently finishing day one and had to force them down. I definetly agree the blueberry one is the worse hands down. Now, I only mixed them with water due to a busy day, so I will add some fresh fruit in for tommorrow!
I was so excited to do this cleanse and hoping I can stay with it, one down two more to go!

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