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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just saw a new music video from Vegetarian Rock Star Pink, and it is really powerful, to say the least! I have not been vegan my entire life, but I have never drank milk. From a very early age, I refused to drink it because I thought it was awful, and since my mom didn't drink it either, she really couldn't enforce that I had to. I think it was kindergarten when we learned where we got milk from, and then it grossed me out even more! Even at 5 years old, I found it strange that humans drink another animal's milk. A few years later, I started understanding that mommies produce milk to feed their babies so they grow, and I always wondered how baby cows got their milk if humans were taking it. Cut to a few years ago, when I really started understanding it all, it just really bothered me and made me sad to know how baby cows are tortured and taken from their mothers at birth just so humans can selfishly take the milk that was intended for that poor baby. Milk today is so full of the antibiotics and hormones given to the cows to produce mass amounts, that all of the vitamins and nutrients are actually stripped away from the milk. Those vitamins and nutrients are then re-added to milk before being sold, so they aren't even naturally occuring in the milk anymore...and everyone knows that nutrient substitutes are never as good for you as the real honestly, there really is no plausible reason to drink cows milk in the United States anymore, but people continue.

And if you think that it is totally natural for us to drink another species' milk, let me ask you this...if you were/are a woman, would you let your pet dog/cat/gerbile breastfeed from you? The thought probably creeps you out like no other, but really, aren't people who drink cows milk doing the same thing?? So what's with the double standard??

Anyway, Pink's new music video shows this in a very real honestly freaked me out so much the way she depicts the milk industry in this, but it puts in in perspective. I also love how she takes on bullfighting, which is another thing I've always been strongly opposed to. So anyway, enjoy the video, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!!


Kelly said...

Love it! Very daring that she included a reversed look at the milk industry with women chained up.. very cool

Anonymous said...

I heard that video on the radio and LOVED it, now I love it more! Alas I can't say I was like you, I was allergic to milk when I was a baby so the parents gave me soymilk, although when I got older I was able to tolerate milk, my mom laments that if she only knew then what we know now... I'm pretty sure it turned on my asthma gene :( I am dairy free now and feel much better although I am still looking for that magic switch to turn of the asthma gene... I have shared my dairy story - get rid of it = feel better with numerous people, hopefully we'll all see the damage it does to these animals and our bodies one day! Here's to hope!

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